DIN EN ISO 52017-1 and DIN EN ISO 52016-1

DIN EN ISO 52017 Part 1

„Energy performance of buildings -.
Sensible and latent heat loads and indoor temperatures – Part 1: General calculation methods“

The standard specifies the general assumptions, boundary conditions and equations for calculating at hourly or even shorter intervals the indoor temperatures (air and operative temperature) and/or the heating and cooling load and the humidification and dehumidification load to maintain a
specific set point (temperature, humidity) in a single building zone. No specific numerical procedures are prescribed in this document.
Specific calculation procedures, starting from the general calculation procedures in this document, are given in ISO 52016-1. The specific simplifications, assumptions and boundary conditions from ISO 52016-1 are tailored to the specific application areas such as the energy demand for heating and cooling and for humidification and dehumidification, the hourly indoor temperature, the design heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification load.

Furthermore, in chapter 7 „Quality control“ under point 2, reference is made to DIN EN ISO 52016 part 1. This contains the adapted test cases of the „BESTEST“ from ANSI/ASHRAE 140.

DIN EN ISO 52016 Part 1

„Energy performance of buildings –
Energy demand for heating and cooling, indoor temperatures and sensible and latent heating loads – Part 1: Calculation method“

This standard contains an adaptation of the ANSI/ASHRAE 140 „BESTest“ in chapter 7.2.2.

Illustration of the checked geometry