Research projects

The topic of validation of simulation programs is part of many research projects or technology development projects. On this page there is an overview of various national and international research projects on the topic of validation and quality assurance.

SimQuality (2018 – 2020)

The research project „SimQuality“ focuses on applications of simulation methods in planning practice, research and teaching, in the context of energetic building and system simulation and building physics. Requirements for functionality and quality (efficiency/ stability/ accuracy/ etc.) of simulation applications are developed, evaluated on the basis of existing simulation programs, new test criteria are created and an interactive platform for the comparison of simulation programs is developed.

SIA 4010 Validation of software – Guidance on standard SIA 380/2 (2018-2021)

In this Swiss research project, specific sub-models for ventilation and air conditioning will be established. This project is still in progress and results will be available after project completion.