Validation procedures and standards

As described in the introduction, the definition of test criteria and test series is not easy. Nevertheless, there are already some standardized validation or certification procedures and independent test series. These can be roughly subdivided according to the respective tasks:

  • Thermal bridge calculation – calculation of heat flows and temperature distributions in construction details.
  • Hygrothermal component simulation – analysis and testing of moisture-related causes of damage in building structures.
  • Building energy simulation – In these test series, the correct representation of the building physics is considered, primarily related to the interaction with the outdoor climate, user loads and energy distribution systems.
  • Plant and system simulation – testing for specific plant models, system components, and the interaction of control models and plant components in a system simulation.
  • Simulation coupling technology – The conformity and functionality of simulation modules is tested, which exchange data with each other at runtime via standardized interfaces. Furthermore, the functionality of simulation master programs is tested.